Canyoning with GEO is WITHOUT suncream

Framboises pour huile végétale protection UV

Canyoning with GEO is WITHOUT suncream

Sunscreen is the essential ally of our holidays in the sun. Sometimes, we wonder about its composition, sometimes we rush headlong into a cream whose benefits are touted on TV or elsewhere...

Traditional sunscreen is made up of chemical ingredients that have an impact on our body but also on natural ecosystems.

The main harmful ingredients in these traditional creams are emulsions, UV filters, preservatives, stabilizers, thickeners, etc. Some more specific names like butylparaben, oxybenzone, methylbenzylidene camphor… Hard to know what these substances are!

In addition to being an endocrine disruptor (and damaging, among other things, the organs responsible for the secretion of hormones), sunscreens also have a strong impact on the natural environments, fauna and flora that compose them. You can form your own opinion by doing your research on the web.

During our canyoning activities, the use of sunscreen is PROHIBITED (except use of a natural product such as vegetable oils).

Some DIY recipe ideas tested by the GEO team that won't impact your health or the natural environment:

1) Vegetable oils such as raspberry seed oil (index around 28), wheat germ oil (index around 20)

2) A mixture of zinc oxide (without nanoparticles), raspberry seed vegetable oils, walnut oil and shea butter.

You will find many other remedies by searching the web.

Vegetal oils for UV blocker
Vegetal oils for UV blocker