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Our team will help you discover outdoor activities in Ardeche and Lozere. Through our suggestions, come with us and enjoy your time spent in the natural beauty of wild valleys. 
Tempted by canyoning, or canoeing in the Ardeche gorge, or perhaps caving or rock climbing? Then you’re in the right place!

Discover the canyon descents in Ardèche !

Here a selection of the most beautiful canyon descents : wild valleys, local hamlets perched on mountainsides and follow winding roads.

Gourgas canyoning tour in Ardeche

Canyon Gourgas

10 years old +

 Approach walk : 1min
 Back walk : 20min

Difficulty :

Exclusive to GEO !

Slide in Basse Besorgues canyoning tour in Ardeche

Canyon Lower Besorgues

6 years old +

 Approach walk : 15min
 Back walk : 0min

Difficulty :

Aquatic canyoning for all the family !

Funny time with friends on the Haute Besorgues canyoning tour in Ardeche

Canyon Besorgues Haute

10 years old +

 Approach walk : 25min
 Back walk : 0min

Difficulty :

Half day canyoning with friends and family in Ardeche !

Jump on the Aero Besorgues canyoning tour in Ardeche

Canyon Aero Besorgues

12 years old +

 Approach walk : 35min
 Back walk : 0min

Difficulty :

Must-see for adventure lovers

Fun with friends with Borne canyoning

Canyon Borne

12 years old +
4 à 5h

 Approach walk : 5min
 Back walk : 40min

Difficulty :

Jumps to jumps ...

Slide on the Chassezac canyoning tour in Lozere

Canyon Chassezac

12 years old +
5 à 6h

 Approach walk : 15min
 Back walk : 1h

Difficulty :

One of the greatest in Ardeche !

More canyon descents ?

If you want a personal experience, please click HERE and check our website with our all outdoor activities. 

Amazed by Ardeche ! 

It all started in the middle of the 20th century, Léo Lagrange launched the idea of ​​opening establishments for teaching outdoor activities in 1939, the General Directorate of Youth and Sports was created in 1949. The Regional Center for Physical and Sports Education of Vallon Pont d'Arc has been focusing on outdoor activities since 1960. Located along the river at the entrance to the Gorges de l'Ardèche in the town of Vallon Pont d'Arc, canoeing quickly becomes the main engine of the center under the impetus of François Leclerc who built the first fiberglass open canoe in 1960. Caving, climbing and hiking will enrich the picture! .... The first Open Nature State Certificate was created in 1973, allowing professionals to offer their services to a public in constant demand for discovery...Later mountain biking and Canyoning complete the range of activities in Ardeche.

GEO is part of this history of the outdoors with its entire team of guides trained at the CREPS of Vallon Pont d'Arc since 1984 for some and more recently for others I can assure you!!! Claude Roux, manager and founder of GEO, grew up surrounded by enthusiasts who allowed him to practice kayaking and caving from the age of 10, then 1 year later the beginnings of canyoning in the Chassezac Gorges in 1974. This n It is only from 1984 that the first canyon descents were offered to the most curious on today emblematic sites such as the Haut Chassezac and the Haute Besorgues, followed by the Borne, the Roujanel, the Rieu Grand and many others. after many long days of prospecting in the Cévennes valleys all filled with hope and above all with the pleasure of finding yourself lost in the middle of nature with a piece of map in your hands!!

Well today I promise we won't get lost anymore!! The activities have been largely modernized, canyoning suits and helmets have replaced shorts and wool sweaters, unsinkable canoes have replaced fiberglass boats that cannot be emptied in the event of desalination, climbing shoes have replaced mountain caves, in caving electric lighting has replaced the acetylene lamp and avoided many burns!

Your experience at GEO benefits from all the technological progress with uniforms and collective equipment renewed each year and meeting the standards in force but also human with in-house training specific to the natural environment and mandatory upgrades!... The rest is c is the little extra GEO! A team from the telephone reception to the guides who accompany you everywhere, stable for years, open to questioning and passionate as you wish!!

Ready to help !

From our office team to our guides we stay with you along your adventure.


We are aware of nature, we have our own ecologic charter. 

CE-approved safety equipment

With GEO, equipment is renewed every year and approved applicable norms.


Experience for over 30 years in conception, organization and management of sporting outdoor activities

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Preserve the environment

Nature protection is one of our priority. We constantly improve our knowlegdes about local environment to sensibilize our guests. We respect a functional specification that becomes our nature charter !

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