Canyoning profesionnal guides in Ardeche

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Canyoning profesionnal guides in Ardeche

The team

Global Events Organization (GEO) is a SARL with a capital of 10,000 euros, specializing in the design, organization and management of outdoor sports activities in the south of the Ardèche, such as canyoning, caving, climbing, via ferrata, adventure trails, canoeing, hiking, bungee jumping and high river kayaking.

But also the creation of fun, sporting and thematic activities as part of the organization of business seminars.

Claude Roux, manager, from sports and communication leisure, has to his credit the design, production and realization of more than five hundred animation files.

30 years of experience and more than 500 achievements on the national territory make us your safestally.


Why an ecological charter?

With GEO, we have experienced the beginnings of nature activities in the Ardèche since the beginning of the 1970s, as such several steps have been taken towards a timid awareness of ecological issues!! It is now accepted that the protection of the environment must be our first priority.

The protection of our practice sites has become over time one of our priorities but not that... our own knowledge of local heritage must be deepened, enriched in order to deliver the best messages to you... without forget the basis of our job, accompany you safely in perilous environments. For this we are committed to respecting specifications which over the years have become our NATURE charter, the main features of which are:

  • Regular training for our team dedicated to the major themes of our business (fauna, flora, soil, human activity, history, safety, etc.)
  • ​​​​​​Advice to our customers from the organization of their trip to GEO through carpooling solutions to limit parking, advice and menu ideas to perhaps avoid junk food during our activities, and more ideas for the after activity to ensure continuity in the discovery of the rural territory....
  • ​​​​​​​The reduction of our ecological footprint through specific approaches during our incursions into certain fragile ecosystems such as riparian forests (strip of land between water and forest)…
  • Choice of French suppliers for our technical equipment in order to promote the short circuit and the localization of know-how (harnesses, shoes, carabiners, helmets, etc.) only our neoprene suits still cross the planet to satisfy us!! ...a project is underway to answer them!
  • We practice upcycling (recovery of used materials) of our bags, accessories, neoprene wetsuits for the creation of bags and accessories by a young local designer.
  • We contribute to the common effort by financially supporting a primary school in the Ardéchoise mountain.
  • We remain OPEN to dialogue by favoring meetings and exchanges with all local actors: local elected officials, nature protection associations, fishing and hunting federations, government representatives, landowners, professional unions, etc.